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Door Lock

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The smart door lock supports 5 ways to unlock such as Fingerprint, RFID Card, Password, ICOSYS

App and Manual Key. This is the safest security system for your house, office, hotel etc. Set unique

biometric fingerprint identifications of the users to unlock the door. "Anti-peep password" ensures

that strangers cannot steal your password by watching you nearby when you enter the password.

Get instant notification in your smart phone when someone unlocks the door. It also sends alerts for

illegal entry attempts.

Available in 3 colors.


● Battery Operated- 4 AA batteries.
● It can be charged with power bank incase the battery runs out when you are out.
● Remote Unlocking available from the smart ICOSYS APP
● Can set One Time Passwords.
● Restrict Users from unlocking the door at uncertain times.
● It maintains unlocking records.
● Receive alter notifications when the lock is broken, unlocked or the battery runs out.

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