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Frequenty Asked Questions

What all can we automate at our house?
Everything. Any device (AC, Gyser, Tv, Fridge) can be automated easily by simply connecting it to a smart device. The device could be a controller, a tracker, or a measuring device. A fan can be made smart with a smart switch whereas an AC can be made Smart with a smart plug. To add things on, you can also automate your devices to work depending on the time, temperature, humidity, pollution, mood, and distance. E.g, Automate your lights to switch in the evening and switch off at the time you go to sleep. Similarly, you can automate your geyser to switch on from Monday to Friday at 7 in the morning and at 9 am on weekends without having to get up an hour early in the morning to get access to hot water.
What is Home Automation?
Home Automation is essentially the idea of enabling communication between people and machines. This technology enables accessibility of devices from anywhere in the world and make your house smart by not just taking your home with you outside but also enabling the devices to operate depending on the surrounding. For example, the curtains will open and close depending on the sunlight outside and the ac will turn on as per your schedule or the temperature outside. Automation makes life convenient, so the next time you leave your fan switched on when you leave for office, you don’t have to worry come back home to switch it off or sulk about increased electricity bill. Automation allows access of your devices outside your house.
Why do we need a gateway?
We require the gateway because it creates a secured network among devices and helps transfer data securely to the server.
Would the system work if the internet is not available?
Partly. The whole idea of home automation is to take our home outside the four walls. So without the access of internet, this particular feature will become inaccessible. Other than that, the network and devices can be accessed within the local network (Inside the house). E.g, If someone rings the bell while you are away, you won’t get the notification on your phone if there is no availiabilty of internet, but if you are home, you can always open the door when you here the door bell. Similarly, if your want to turn off/on your AC from your office, without internet, this will not be possible from the smart app, but if you are connected to the local network, you will be able to turn it on from your smart phone.
Do we need a smart phone for home automation?
Yes. A smart phone becomes a must once you have to automate your house. From installation to normal usage, every bit of automation is channeled via an app on the smart phone. Although you can manually switch on and off most of the devices but then the idea of home automation does not make sense. Neither will you be able to schedule your devices to suit your routine nor will you be able to access the devices outside your house without a smart phone. Since our platform (Smart Icosys App) is a must for home automation, a smart phone becomes necessary.
Why Home Automation?
Home Automation is no more a rich man’s luxury. With the growth in urbanization, home automation has become a common man’s necessity. Home Automation does not just bound the idea to convenience but also creating a smart and secure home to live in. In is rapidly evolving lifestyle, the main concern for all working individual is the security of the house and the loved ones they leave behind when they go to work. Keeping this in mind, we have designed our products to not just enhance the lifestyle but also the security and give you live updates of your house as though you never left home.
ICOSYS is not just a brand. ICOSYS is a feeling of security, convenience and a futuristic approach to raise the standard of living. We provide a complete solution to all home automation related problems from lighting solutions to security, controllers to sensors. We help you detect the problem and give you a packaged solution, with hassle free installation within 24 hours and readily available team for any after sales service. We also provide both product and service warranty for up to a year.

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