Load Capacity AC180-250V(50/60HZ)
Maximum Load Power 100W
Sensing Distance 0-8 meters
Operating Temperature -10C ~ +60C

Body Motion Sensor

  • Use the body motion sensor to take actions based on movement in a room. For example setup smart lighting; using the sensor setup the lights to turn on when someone enters the room, and turn off when they leave.

  • Install the sensor in different corners of the house such as corridor, stair, underground parking garage, etc. to implement smart lighting.

Key Features

Through the human body Induction and realize the smart

When someone come, the light is on. When people leave, the light is off.

Suitable for all kinds of places sensor lighting

Install in different site to implement lighting, like corridor, stair, underground parking garage, etc.

Green induction

Receive only the infrared contrast signal, not emit any signals.

Energy Saving

Smart induction is contribution for energy saving.