Smart LED Bulb


Mobile App Control/Colors for your Choice

Turn ON/OFF or adjust brightness & color of light through your app anytime, anywhere when internet available to your phone.

Remote Control

Color of Your Choice

Security & Anti-theft

Smart Home Doorlock


Multiple ways for door unlocking

This product has multiple features for door opening/closing like Password Authorization, Locking Status and Unlocking Records, Alarm(Prompt will be sent through app)

LED/LCD Screen

Emergency Key

Emergency Power

Smart IP Camera


Can access anytime, anywhere

With the typical function, this exquisitely designed product has a built-in camera for remote viewing…

Support TF/SD Card

Easy Operation

Mobile App Control

Window Sensor


A multifunctional Window Sensor

Monitoring in real time, remote alarm2you can control your home security situatin anytime anywhere.

High Stability Signal

Energy Saving

App Remote Control



Home App Icosys

Smart control, User Friendly!


Mobile App Control/Timing Function

Application Details

  • Smart Security System
  • Smart Environmental System
  • Smart Appliances
  • Smart Lightning Control
  • Body Induction System
  • Smart Self-adhesive Switchable
  • Alarm System
  • Smart Curtain System

Zigbee Technology

Strong anti-interface ability, high secrecy, high transmission speed & strong extensibility.

Humanization Design

Humanization Design Combines the human behaviour & science & technology to solve the daily life's problems & improve the living standards

Environmental Friendly & Energy Saving

Aves Energy & avoid the potential safety hazards.Evergy-saving technology makes your environmental comfortable & healthy.

Simple Operation & Convenience

Easy to use even children & older people are capable to use.It is convinient & available anywhere within the internet so as to control your home in any place in the world.

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