Live Simple Live Smart


Install App

- Install app on your smartphone from playstore or app store.


Easy Scan

- Easily Scan the QR code on the device via the Smart app to configure the Device with just one click.


Remote Access

- Remotely Control Devices from anywhere in the world


Scene Setting

- Set your home to operate as per your mood/situation. Allows to Preset scenes with a single touch.


Magic Setting

- Unleash magical experiences with magic settings on the smart app. Allows user to set their home environment based on their behaviour

Your Personal App


Smart Door Lock

Unlock your home from the ICOSYS App, and many other ways, and receive smart notifications.


Video Door Bell

Keep a constant check and see who is at the door via your smart app.


Smart Remote

Replace all remote with one Icosys Smart Remote.


Smart Curtains

"Open and shut your curtains via the smart app and schedule it as per your timings”


Schedule Timing

Schedule all devices to run as per your daily routine via the smart app.


Scene Setting-

The ICOSYS platform lets you customize scenes based on your mood with just a tap of a button. Allows you to customise and set unlimited number of Moods and Scenes. And that’s not the end of it, you can also schedule your scenes to suit your daily routine from yoga scene to or TV scene while watching your favorite daily soap.

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Energy Monitoring-

Get all the statistics for your appliances’ energy consumption on the ICOSYS platform. Monitor usage, get notifications for overloads, control the electricity usage of high consumption devices, all from the comfort of your couch.

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Instant Notifications-

The Icosys app has been designed for instant interaction with the user. It enables users to be constantly updated as to who has entered the house or notify you when the battery of the door lock or the doorbell has to be replaced. The App allows you to instantly check what your maid or kid is doing during your absence.

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One Stop Solution-

The ICOSYS platform is your one-stop solution to all your home-automation related needs. All the devices can be integrated in a single app which allows a unified control over the entire house. The hassle of having 10 apps for 10 different devices can be eliminated with just one Smart Icosys App.

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Secured Data-

Our solution comes with peace of mind guaranteed. All our automation solutions come with enhanced security features to protect our security systems, controls, and data from external threats.

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Magic Setting-

Icosys smart app has a special feature which allows users to set the devices according to the surrounding. A user can set their AC to turn on automatically at 18 if the temperature rises above 24 during the day and at 20 if the temperature rises above 28 during the night. This feature helps you customise usage of devices as per your convenience.

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